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 Tracy has over 15 years experience in the field of Pageantry and has one son, Damien and loves working with children as her hobby

 Tracy's Students win the Miss Metairie Titles.

Amanda Strain wins the Miss St. Tammany Parish Fair Ttile!

 Shelly's Pageant Express welcomes the first time pageant contenders.

When judging the children, our judges do not score the children on modeling. They are scored on Facial Beauty, personality and overall appearance.

Although not scored on modeling, the children that do have a little training gained from experience on the stage or from taking a few lessons from a pageant coach seem to appear more confident  on stage. This may be  from having a  general sense of what do expect.

If you feel that your child may be shy from the stage,You both may benefit from hiring a pageant coach, even for just one session.
 We now offer Pageant Coaching For Children on both the North shore and South shore!


Modeling By: Tracy Lynn  On The North & South Shore

Tracy Lynn Dillon

Algiers, Louisiana

phone # 504-858-6984


Modeling By Tracy Lynn  can be taught to your children in your own home or at my home in Algiers.The fee is $35 an hour or two hours for $60.00


We do come to you for training with a small fee for travel expenses.

Modeling classes for pageant competition gives children the confidence that they need to excel on stage.Shelly's Angels,teach basic modeling that children need to compete on a local & state level. This includes, posture, balance in walking, turning, head control and eye contact. We start at the age of 2 and older.

Most pageants, judge the children in facial beauty, personality and overall appearance.We have over 15 years experience and work with Shelly's Pageant Express Inc.We can guide you on proper attire for each pageant. Thank you and We look forward to working with you and your child.

Prices & Services

1 Hour modeling $35.00

2 Hour Session $60.00 ( $10 Savings)

Modeling Packages.

Package A)  2   two hour classes. A total of 4 classes. Value $140

Special Rate of $120.00. This is a $20 Savings.

Package B)  4  one hour classes. A total of 4 classes. Value $140

Special Rate o $120.00. This is a $20 savings.

Click on the Form Below & fill it out & bring it with you to your first class with Tracy Lynn.

Attention Girls and Ladies Looking to Launch Your Beauty Pageant    Careers
A New Website Gives Help to Beauty Pageant Newbies Unsure Where and How to Start

New Orleans, LA – Shelly's Pageant Express ( announces the launch of her new website providing useful information and services to the Pageant Community.The new site is called Shelly the Pageant Coach (


 The website will be regularly updated with articles and videos offering Pageant Tips and other useful Information. Girls and Ladies new to the world of Pageantry will find valuable techniques to make their transition to the runway a smooth and joyful experience.Shelly Winters Black is founder and CEO of Louisiana's Most Talked About Productions - Shelly's Pageant Express. Shelly has over 20 years experience in the field of Pageantry.


 She has held competitive titles at the state and local level. She has coached, inspired, and prepared 5 national title holders. Her girls have an impressive winning record at the state and local level with consistency attaining top ten statuses at national competitions. “I've been a Pageant Director and a Pageant Coach for years following my career as a Pageant Contestant”, said Shelly from her New Orleans area home. “After the success of my website Direct Your Pageant ( and the Complete Pageant Directors Kit ,I decided I could turn my experience as a Pageant Coach into a website for newbie Pageant Contestants.”The website ( features videos of Shelly discussing the finer points and pitfalls of Beauty Pageant Competition.


At the time of this announcement the following topics are posted on the site:How Do I Pick a Platform for My Upcoming Pageant?  How Do I Select the Proper Wardrobe for my Pageant? What are the Requirements to Enter Your Child into a Pageant? What are the Responsibilities of a Title Holder?Which Pageant System Should I Compete In? 


Shelly uses the site to answer the many questions she gets from her clients and other people in the Pageant Community. She has five other videos already shot to put up over the next few weeks.“I'm encouraging all readers of my site to leave comments about the articles and videos”, said Shelly. “And please feel free to ask questions while on the site”.Shelly is a firm believer that sharing knowledge about the Pageant Techniques needed to win helps everyone, contestants, directors and coaches, in staging better Beauty Pageants

.Contact Shelly at  email   504-400-8958