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It will take a while to download each file and you may have to come pack to the page another time to complete everything.

To download your Kit Files click on the links below. The Kit is divided into two Parts.

The first folder called Kit Documents is divided into 8 separate Packages.

The second Part is called the Complete Pageant Directors Kit Audio. It is divided into 2 sections.

How to Direct Your Own Pageant Audio Book is an audio version of the book narrated by Shelly.

Pageant Industry Experts Interviews contains 12 files.

New! "The Director's Video Journal" See Shelly behind the scenes as she produces the 2008 Miss Louisiana Pageant. CLICK HERE

The Kit files are in pdf file format. If you don't have a program to read pdf files go here for a free download. get adobe reader

Kit Documents

American Dream Pageant System Pack 428kb

Auditor & Judges 197kb

Contestant Entry Forms 701kb

Contestant Info Pack 264kb

Directors Information Pack 340kb

Promotions and Marketing 1571MB

Various 363kb

2008 Program Book 2.90MB

Director's Kit Guide 320kb

Handbook for judges 291kb

This is the Free EBook in case your other copy is roughed up from your constant reading.


The audio files are wav files and can be run in Windows Media Player, Winamp, and other audio players.windowsmediaplayerlinkwinampdownload

The Complete Pageant Directors Kit Audio

How To Start and Direct Your Own Pageant audio book


a1 Introduction 9.3MB

a2 Shelly Welcome 2.24MB

ch1 My Passion 9.21MB

ch2 Why Do You Want to Direct a Pageant 5.18 MB

ch3 Incorporating as a Business 18.5MB

ch4 Giving Your Pageant a Name 10.4MB

ch5 Selecting a Location and a Date 11.4MB

ch6 Creating Age Divisions and Groups 18.5MB

ch7 Awards, Prizes and Sponsors 16.2MB

ch8 Staff 8.59MB

ch9 Judging Criteria 7.33MB

ch10 Auditor Sheets 2.99MB

ch11 Crowns, Banners and Pins 9.05MB

ch12 Award Presentations and Photos 8.18MB

ch13 Advertising and Accepting Entries 8.24MB

ch14 Entertainment 5.51MB

ch15 Hiring Audio-Visual Lighting 13MB

ch16 Hiring Photographers and Videographers 11.3MB

ch17 Day of the Show Preparations 4.63MB

ch18 Budget 5.28MB

ch19 The Schedule Itinerary 14.1MB

ch20 Wrap Up 16.1MB


Pageant Industry Experts Interviews


E1 Intro 2.69MB

E2 Stephanie McClain on the American Dreams Pageant System 49.7 MB

E3 Hailey Ridgel on Starting Directing 15.1MB

E4 Sammy Steele on Hair and Make-up 32.8MB

E5 Sammy Steele on Wardrobe 26.3MB

E6 Sammy Steele on Judging 34.8MB

E7 Sammy Steele on Directing 21.6MB

E8 Denise McKnight Mrs Galaxy 33MB

E9 Frank A. Jones on Sound 34MB

E10 Pam Sardi on Program Books 35.4MB

E11 Jay Chevalier on Entertainment 9.20MB

E12 Arita Bohannan on Judging 13MB



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