One Run Way At A Time!
  • How can I benefit from entering this program?
    Each girl has her own goals as she enters this program. So ask yourself "What goals would I be striving for?" Some answers are: "To become a better speaker, to get over stage fright, to learn modeling skills, to overcome shyness, to get involved with community service, to earn money for college, or even to practice so that I can enter Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Or Miss America someday". These are all great answers!

  •  What's YOURS?

  • Gaining poise along with building self confidence and enhancing self-esteem is the number one way to benefit that each girl can carry with her in ALL phases of life. From giving a speech in school, to auditioning for modeling jobs, to interviewing for college or your first job.... Shelly's Queens of today ARE tomorrow's leaders!

  • What experience do I need or what is required to enter?

  • . Most girls who enter have never done a pageant before. We provide complete information  leading up to the Pageant weekend to prepare you which also builds your confidence and you will find that you can be a role model to others! You should follow the age division requirements to determine what division you will be in.

  • So if you have the desire to be in a Pageant , We offer a positive forum for self enhancement and to showcase your abilities and talents while being rewarded in a variety of ways,

  • We want to hear from you today!

  • Can you explain the competition events in detail? 

  • ALL competition events are exciting and you have the opportunity to excel in! Each girl depending on the selected pageant entering will participate in a category of required elements which are:

  • Personal Interview  (A brief introduction about yourself) and the judges will ask you questions from your BIO that you submit. This interview will last for 4 minutes with a panel of 3 to 5 judges. Each Judge will be given a BIO/FACT sheet from which you will submit in your paper work.

  • Some Interviews will take place on stage or in a personal setting. Just depends on the pageant entering and may be times for 90 seconds.

  • Evening Gown (Model your Favorite Gown) Formal attire required.

         Shelly recommends Rhinestone Run Way in Lake Charles,  Louisiana. Ally Cats Formal Attire in Slidell for Formal wear and accessories.

  • Swim suit competition..For Teen & Miss..One piece or two piece.
  • Taupe sandals or clear shoe prefer. Depending on the pageant entering, swimsuit competition may be omitted.

  • On Stage personality Interview..You will have 3 topics you choose to discuss on stage. It's easy and fun and also allows the new contestant to get her feet wet in preparation for her next competition.

  • Sometimes the judges will ask you a question from your BIO/Fact sheet on stage. This depends on the pageant entering.
        For The State Pageant system. such as Miss Louisiana State, Evening Gown and On stage Interview are equal in scoring.

  • Interview, swimsuit, evening gown are all 1/3 of scoring or if different, the director will inform you of the scoring for the chosen pageant.

  • The Contestant in each division having the highest score in all categories of competing becomes our winners,

  • The Winner from all  division with the highest score, wins the SUPREME award.

  • Photogenic Competition...You will be required to submit a up close photo of you. This is called a head shot and will be selected by the judges for the Photogenic Award. There will be a winner in each division. You should submit this for Orientation & registration.

  • Portfolio Competition......You are asked to submit a portfolio. This is 5 photos or more placed in a binder or photo album with your Name and Age placed on the front cover. Usually 5x7 or 8x10's score better. This can be random shots you take or find a local photographer in your area.  These two areas of competition doesn't have any baring on the out come of the pageant, just optional areas of fun competition.

    .   Talent Competition......We added talent competition to the Miss Louisiana State 
         Pageant and talent Expo. This is an optional category. We start this area of 
         Competition with 2 to 3 year olds. They light up the stage with songs, cute dances
         and it allows the contestant to reach their fullest potential on stage.

  • What are my biggest responsibilities as a Queen? 

  • First and foremost, a Beauty Queen must conduct herself as

  • a role model at all times, ESPECIALLY in crown and banner, but in all

  • things she does to enhance herself. It is your choice of making as many

  •  or as little appearances at your own Hometown, State or Parish. We

  • seek a special girl who is respectful of others and who wants to share

  •  her positive spirit with those around her! You can promote yourself,

  • your title, and the pageant program through fun appearances,

  • community service or recommending your friends to the program.

  • What happens after the pageant in over and I won?

  • The Director will pay your required State fee directly to the state director. You will be contacted by the State Director and given Paper work, guidelines and requirements for that specific pageant.

  • Obtaining sponsors to support you is surprisingly easy to do! State Directors  provide you with an array of information and ideas to seek sponsorship for ad sales and wardrobe fees. This includes sponsor letters with your name on it that you first give to family and friends who know you. These are your best supporters of course! You will also have information on how to obtain a business sponsor. Make a list with your family of area businesses that you support and you will find they are only too happy to support your endeavors. A minimum $100 business donation is also tax deductible as a business and advertising expense. All personal and business sponsors names are featured in the program book and are announced while you are on stage. This depends on the pageant director, it may vary.

  •  Please adhere to deadlines and pay any fees due on time out of respect for the title you hold and for your City and State Director.

  • Can my family and I just pay our entry fees or have just one sponsor?

  • Definitely. This is your choice. A lot of the girls will find that 1 or 2 members of the family, like grandparents will generously support you. Obtaining sponsorship can be fun and a great way to introduce your newly gained title to the people you already know in your community. It also helps build your public speaking skills and confidence to meet new people and seek sponsorship. The important thing is to be involved and to meet the deadlines given so that sponsor fees are paid in a timely fashion. If you are nearing a deadline and are waiting for a specific sponsorship, simply contact your State  or local Director to give a friendly update on the status of your sponsors!

  • What if I live out side the City or Parish Guide lines?
    We have had many cities and parishes participate in our Pageants.  We welcome the opportunity for contestants to qualify as long as they live in Louisiana  or Mississippi and are willing to make appearances when asked.

  • Is there a Contract I must sign if I am a Queen?

  • You do have a "contract" like some other pageants. You do agree to follow our simple guidelines, adhere to deadlines and always be a good role model and a good sport. By qualifying and entering, you are to represent your title and pay or get sponsors for your fees. Not all of the pageants that Shelly produces has a contract. Just ask us before entering.

  •  You make choices to do appearances and and be involved. Unlike other pageants, you have the choice to be an upbeat title holder and make appearances or community service efforts when YOU are able. We realize you have other activities in your life.

  • Shelly requires that you compete at the State Pageant before you enter another Pageant if it is a prelim.

  •  We do support girls who wish to do other pageants! But keep any commitment you make on behalf of any title you have please. Our only stipulation IS that IF you want to enter another pageant and THAT pageant says you can't hold any other titles, then you should wait until your   title year is finished before entering that pageant. Keeping your commitments with any pageant is important. You are to represent a Hometown queen title at the State pageant, and if you win the State title, your National division overall entry fees ARE paid by YOUR State Director and you must advance. IF you do not advance, as Shelly's Queen to your state pageant, you forfeit all  prizes and MUST reimburse the  Director. title state entry fee that is PAID for State Competition, Then the first runner up will resume the title of the Miss Camellia City, etc. Queen. If you have had your Official  Banner, personalized with monnograming,You will also be responsible for paying the Director the fee of $25 to replace the banner.

  • Do I receive My score sheets from the  event?

  • YES. Score sheets are  mailed after two weeks from the date of the pageant. for a small fee of $10.00 or $5.00 for processing and handling. You will be given only your scores and comments,this way every contestant privacy is protected.

  • What is a "platform"?

  • For any major Teen pageant or the televised pageants for Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, or Miss America, contestants must have a "platform" which means choosing a specific charity or community concern that you concentrate on with your volunteer efforts. So be "Proud to be an American" and help out in your community today, not just for pageant reasons, for humanitarian and goodwill reasons. It's fun and it makes you feel good about yourself when you DO help others!

  • Refund Policy

  • Please understand that when you register and submit your non refund able deposit of $25.00 to be a  Contestant,  you have an obligation to fulfill and follow all guidelines, deadline or payment schedules. There are NO refunds for any reason. If you paid your deposit and cannot compete that year, we will apply it to next years pageant. Once you do register, you are fully made aware that there are entry fees for which you can get sponsors for or hold fundraise to secure your funds.

  • Good Sportsmanship Rules

  •  We feel it is not necessary to expand on poor sportsmanship, but if after a warning is given to any contestant or person affiliated with the contestant for ANY negative actions deemed disrespectful or dishonorable to Our pageant. 

  • What IS the difference between the Division Overall & Supreme Overall?


  • Supreme Winner: Is based from the highest score of all the divisional winners from Baby to Pre Teen.

  • How does ad sales work in the Program Book and will my picture appear in the program book?

  • If you email your photo when paying your deposit or entry fee by the deadline. Your photo will appear in the Contestants Gallery.

  • If you sell ads, you can defray the cost of the entry fee.

  • Each full page ad will cost $200, half page $100.00. For every page you sell, 50% goes towards your entry fee. For example, if you sell a total of 3 full pages at $200 a page, The total of $600, $300 would go towards your entry fee and any extra will be applied towards the ad sales award.

  • Go to How To register to sign up to become a contestant. Once you register and pay your $25 deposit, a complete information packet with paperwork  will be sent to you by email.
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