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Have you ever dreamed about Directing Your OWN Pageant?

Here 's all YOU Need to Easily Start 
a Successful Beauty Pageant!

Let an experienced pageant director guide you through all the steps necessary to launch you into the glamorous world of pageantry...

Dear passionate pageant lover,

Breaking into the pageantry industry can be daunting and down right scary. 
Where do you start? 
What do I need to get contestants to flock to my Beauty Contest?
How do I get people to help me... and how many? 
Most people work behind the scenes for years to learn the business. How can I shorten the time?

Why not let a veteran Pageant Director with more than 
20 Years in the business show you how to Start and Direct 
your Dream Pageant with Confidence and Style...

Let someone who fought through a system where the top directors kept their secrets hidden from view... reveal the truth to you.

Why struggle with hit and miss methods when you can hit a bulls-eye the first time?

Have confidence in your success because you have your own personal mentor to take your hand and guide you through the treacherous jungle called-the Beauty Pageant Industry.

..Now there is someone to Help you...

.My name is Shelly Winters  and I have been involved in the Pageant Industry for over twenty five years... 20 of those years as successful Pageant Director. Just think how much easier it would be if I was standing next to you giving you professional and competent advice as you made each crucial decision. How much less stress would you have knowing you are taking the right steps...

What if I gave you examples of all the important files, documents, letters, and contracts, that I, and other successful directors, use to plan and produce stunningly entertaining pageants. And what if I packaged it all together in a way that made your life easier as you focused on what really matters... a Wonderful and Beautiful experience for the contestants and audience.

Well that is exactly what I have done for you with...

"The Complete Pageant Director's Kit"

I've jammed this kit with everything I could possibly think of to help you get a quick start on your first pageant. There is so much stuff here that even experienced pageant directors can find brand new promotional and marketing ideas here.

I've broken the information and materials into these categories:

*Auditor & Judges Sheets and information

*Contestant entry Forms

*Contestant Information Package

*Director's Information

*Promotion and Marketing

*and Various hard to categorized items

Even if you never worked behind the scenes at a beauty contest or participated as a contestant... you could still pull off a great and entertaining show using the materials in this KIT!

Now Anyone with the Passion and the Determination 
Can Start Their First Pageant Quick and 
Easy with Unshakable Confidence...

Here's just a taste of what you'll get when you grab your copy of "The Complete Pageant Director's Kit"...

  • The first step you should take to become a legitimate Beauty Contest Director.

  • Now you'll know what to put in flyers to advertise the pageant and draw contestants like a giant magnet.

  • You won't have to wonder what kind of letter you'll need to get sponsors on board. 

  • If you ever wondered how a judges sheet is laid out... now you'll know.

  • How do you prepare the contestants for the pageant... now you'll know.

  • What goes into the pageant script that the emcee reads... now you'll know!

How much is it worth to you?

"The Complete Directors Kit" is the essential Go-To Package for anyone Serious about starting and directing a pageant.

You could hire me as a consultant at $100.00 an hour and it would take weeks to absorb and implement this information. If you're rich then call me and I'll gladly set a consultation schedule. If not, then "The Complete Pageant Directors Kit" is a Must-Have.

When I started as a Director I would have forked over $4,000.00 for this kind of a package easily... and been very happy knowing what I got for my money. You can have all this for just $69.95!!! Thats right, you're eyes aren't deceiving you.

I suggest you grab it now because people are telling me the price is too low. Once your competitors find this product they'll leave you in the pageant junk yard. The time to start a new pageant is now!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Open this treasure chest of pageantry information and start applying the materials today.

If for some reason you don't feel this kit gives you what you need to start and direct your own pageant then email and I'll give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

But Wait... there's More...

My mission is to really help you launch that successful pageant. That's why I added even more good and useful stuff. Here's what else you will get:

  • 2008 Program Book from my Miss American Dream and Miss Plus America Pageant. Use this electronic version of the program book to get ideas on how to structure the content. 
    See how girls promote themselves and use sponsors ads to finance their entry fees.
  • All dates can be modified and material will still be valid
  • American Dream Pageant System Packet- contains material that this new pageant systems sends to the Directors they sign up to represent various states around the US.
  • Handbook for Judges- explains what is expected from judges before , during, and after a pageant. Also explains what a judge should expect from a contestant, and their presentation.

In Addition You'll Get These Bonuses

Audio Interviews with experienced Pageant Professionals that you can listen to in the car or at your pleasure.

Stephanie McClain- National Director for the American Dream Pageant System
Hailey Ridgel- on starting to Direct
Sammy Steele- Professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist who has seen it all...
Denise McKnight- Mrs Galaxy
Frank A. Jones- Sound Contractor and Entertainment 
Pam Sardi- Putting together your Program Book
Jay Chevalier- Entertainment for your pageant audience
Arita Bohannan- discusses Judging

I'm also throwing in an audio version of my book "How to Start and Direct Your Own Pageant" read by me for those who learn better by listening. Hint: Listen carefully because I include extra information on the audio that's not in the EBook.


If that wasn't enough... I've included a Video Journal of me preparing and working behind the scenes of one of my pageants. You'll actually see me in my office, er, ah, kitchen table preparing the paperwork, making phone calls, and all the other things a director needs to do. Seeing is believing for a lot of people. Sometimes watching some one is more helpful than just reading about it. I originally was going to sell the Director's Video Journal as a separate product but these economic times are rough and we all need as much help as we can get. So I threw it in as a bonus because I truly want you to succeed as a Pageant Director.

Here is a clip giving you a taste of whats in the kit.......




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Thanks for reading about "The Complete Pageants Directors Kit".

Yours in Pageantry

PS If you're not sure that "The Complete Pageant Directors Kit" has everything you need then scroll up and see all the extra bonuses you get. There is no other package on the market that gives you all this Insider Information in one package for such a low price.


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Its all about achieving your dreams no matter how many hurdles get in your way.

Yours in Pageantry


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