One Run Way At A Time!


        Shelly Pageant Express was established in 1995 by Director/CEO, Shelly Winters.

        Shelly Pageant Express is committed to excellence in Pageantry . We @ Shelly believe in healthy competition, that promotes growth of one's individuality, confidence and overall achievement among all contestants.

       Shelly Pageant Express Inc., is an organization devoted to promoting the Positive Side of Pageantry. We promote our contestants to become ambitious and responsible winner's with a great amount of integrity in all that they do and become throughout their year of service.

       Shelly Pageants  are stepping stones for our contestants that want to achieve great things though the art of competition such as, modeling, acting and image development.

       We promote Natural Beauty Competition, that both the children and parents can enjoy without the hassle and expense of make-up,fake hair and costly glitzy dresses.

         So many women choose the pageant industry to launch careers in the Entertainment & fashion Industry as well as Broadcasting and journalism.

  If you or your child share the Dream to Quest For The Crown, Saddle Up and join the fine folks of Shelly Pageant Express and achieve beyond Your Dreams.

  See You On The Runway!!